Driven by Coen Kloster's sudden desire to build his own LED panels, Naivi was founded for doing something other than working on a games in our spare time.


With the amazing help of Neil Chatterjee and Kevin Quaid, we've done a whole bunch of performances ranging from dressing up club nights to lighting contemporary (art) music in the concert hall.


The software is custom written by us and consists of a client and a small server attached to the panels.
The client, based on Openframeworks, runs a stack of parametrized shaders and audio filters. The frame buffers are sent over a regular TCP connection into the server which converts it into Teensy compatible data that controls the LED strips.

Panel preview

We also made a preview application built in Unreal to be able to test the panel setup using an Oculus Rift without actually having to build it in real life. It uses the same protocol as the server software.