Killzone 3

With increased understanding of the PS3 platform comes the freedom to add more features to a game. More features often means new ways of driving content creation and making sure it all works. I was mainly making sure all the (mostly outsourced) cinematics ended up properly in-game, did some correctional animation and worked on scripts that would speed up my tasks.

  • Cinematics integration and sequence exporting pipeline development
  • Camera, props and vehicle animation, mocap cleanup.
  • Wrote a launcher utility/gui for easy cinematics launching and movie recording.
  • Dynamic wrapper around the Maya MObject in Python to make tools code easier to read and maintain. (similar to pyMel)
  • Technical support for animators and game designers.
  • Translator between code/tools and art for features and to identify problems
  • Designed and wrote two Killzone PS3 XMB themes from scratch.