Killzone 2

Production on this game had just begun when I started at Guerrilla. I was hired to help out with general cinematics work, most of it was still done in-house. As the project neared its deadline, I got more involved in the technical side of the spectrum; from scripting to let movies and vignettes run smoothly -- to helping out fixing bugs in various tools until I adopted parts of the pipeline.

  • Camera and vehicle animation.
  • Mocap cleanup and facial animation
  • Cinematics integration (game scripting, debugging,
  • Tracktor, a compact alternative for Maya's Trax, speeding up cinematics animation and management. Written in C# and MEL (later in Python)
  • Sequence Exporter adopted. Maya tool that takes an .mb file and converts it into a game-ready sequence resource including all the animation.
  • Technical support for animators and game designers.
  • Translator between code/tools and art for features and to identify problems