Horizon: Zero Dawn

After its many iterations of Killzone, Guerrilla Games treads a brave new path with this project. Both in concept as in technical challenges. As a result, I've also been working in quite a few different areas.

  • Procedural facial animation system for in-game emotions and eye movement using some C++ and in-house nodegraph-based tools.
  • FaceFX game processing pipeline, directly generating facial animation both for direct in-game use and sparse keyed data for manual iterations by animators in Maya.
  • Motionbuilder animation import/export plugin (c++) for proprietary animation file format using game engine code to reconstruct skeletons.
  • In-house motion capture server. Synchronizes Vicon, reference-video capture and Motionbuilder captures
  • Cinematics outsourcing delivery specification, guidance and support.
  • Maya cinematics pipeline overhaul due to large game engine changes dealing with open-world architecture, largely Python-based.
  • Live bi-directional (threaded) camera synchronization between Maya and game engine using Python and C++.
  • General tools maintenance and support for animators and game designers.