Houdini Course

Naivi is organising a 6 week Houdini training course, starting early 2017.
Officially endorsed by Side Effects Software, the classes will be taught by Naivi’s co-founder Coen Klösters (former SideFX and Guerilla Games).

Interested? Send us an email at info@naivi.nl.

An industry standard among top VFX and game companies around the world, SideFX Houdini has been used on ground breaking projects by studios such as Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, EA, Disney and many more. Besides being an essential part of the pipeline for big studios, Houdini’s well known procedural node-based workflow also benefits smaller studios, design agencies, creative coders, visual artists and interaction designers.
By explaining the fundamental concepts that underpin Houdini's node based workflow you will be able to create your own algorithmically empowered models, populate entire 3D scenes using custom made algorithms, create complex particle simulations, drive animation using audio and much, much more. On completion you will be able to embed your work directly as a plugin in other applications such as Unreal, Unity, Cinema4D or even your own custom application.
Topics will include procedural 3D content generation, 3D graphics pipelines, computer graphics math, signal processing principles and shaders. To give you an idea of who would benefit from this course:
    •    The 3D artist that wants to use powerful self made tools to bring her vision to life
    •    The interaction designer that wants to get a better understanding of 3D graphics
    •    Anyone who wants to algorithmically create generative art
Previous 3D graphics and or coding experience is beneficial but not required. The training sessions will be hosted in central Amsterdam over a period of 6 weeks. We are aiming to start with the course in February with one weekly evening session per week. Each session will take 2.5 hours (15 hours in total).