About Me

Coming from a creative family and having a passion for logic and systems puts me somewhere between art and technology. In my spare time, I love to create music, graphics, while at work I enjoy programming and designing tools and pipelines for artists.

Screenshot of a computer animation I did at the academy

When in highschool, I took on various print design, "visual effects" and later web design jobs from local companies. I quit of school to fill a full-time position at Avans Hogeschool as an internal web and intranet designer/developer. Later a friend and I founded a company (fulltime) and got some interesting and less interesting clients. It lasted four years and unlike my friend, I wanted to get out of the village and I went on to study animation at the St. Joost Academy of Arts in Breda.

Screenshot of a hand drawn animation I did at the academy

Art school got my feet wet in all things animation; figure drawing, painting, animation on paper (and TVPaint), stop motion, pixilation, video editing, motion capture, visual effects, some sound recording and design and my big friend computer animation. Good times.

When you like to do so many things, why not work at a company that does almost that many things, so I sent an open application to Guerrilla Games and was hired a week after.

Also, I'd like to tell you about the music, the movies, the games and the places I've been to that I love, but that'll be be for another time :)